Current Adventures

May 23, 2018

Alaska Trail 2018

The Brooks Range is roughly 700 miles long, but my adventure isn't stopping at there.  I am planning on continuing roughly another 433 miles and angling down to Wales, Alaska.…
2017CaliforniaPacific Crest Trail
September 3, 2017

Bucks Lakes Wilderness Aug 28 2017

1239 - 1271   mile Waking up temp is just amazing right now on this hot section.   Perfectly painted sunrise while breaking camp.  Dry section has led to a bit of…
2017CaliforniaPacific Crest Trail
September 2, 2017

Dry dry dry Aug 27, 2017

1203 -  1239   mile Fully recovered, early start with amazing sunrise.  Enjoying the dwarfed trees up on top. Brings the excitement back into bonsia. Something feels just really old about…
2017CaliforniaPacific Crest Trail
August 29, 2017

Belden Aug 29 2017

Belden Town 1271 - 1296 mile.   Back in thru hiker style, started rolling before 6am.  Nice smooth trail up on top before it dropped 8 miles down into town.…