Alaska Trail 2018

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The Brooks Range is roughly 700 miles long, but my adventure isn’t stopping at there.  I am planning on continuing roughly another 433 miles and angling down to Wales, Alaska.

Down to some specs.
I’ll be heading up to Barter Island on June 20th, 2018 (+/- 2 days).  With climate change, people are claiming this to be the polar bear capital of the United States.  From there, I will have a short paddle across the Beaufort Sea which is part of the Arctic Ocean. Still to research are my possible peaks to bag while thru-hiking.  Off-shoots will mainly depend on the type of weather, and if I still have extra food before the next village. A couple of the mountains in mind at the start would be Mt. Chamberlin or Mt. Isto.  Undetermined for years, supposedly Mount Isto is the highest peak in the range. My first resupply will be 177 miles at Arctic Village. My second resupply will be in Coldfoot after hitchhiking a little over 60 miles.  The third resupply will be at Anaktuvuk Pass. A little over 600 miles in, I will be stopping and supplying at Ambler. Resupply stops after this will be Kiana, Noorvik, and a possible stop in Kotzebue if supplies get low.  Then I will be off to Buckland angling towards Brevig Mission. Eventually, I will be ending the trip of a lifetime in Wales, Alaska.

Pre-Brooks Range Training
I have a couple things on mind to train for the Brooks Range expedition.  With having the skeleton of this trip planned, I’ll be able to focus more on gear and techniques.

(1.) My main thought is finishing up my 2nd Triple Crown.     OR

(2.) My second option is breaking the self-support speed record of the Arizona Trail.

Past Experience:
Misconceptions of hiking ideas and strategies made my first trail the most memorable.

I hiked 8 different months of the year on each of the 3 main trails. (PCT, CDT, AT)  This has pushed my abilities and allowed me to relish the unseen beauties in every seasons.  This is big, because lots of triple crowners nowadays don’t ever touch the snow. I’ve been eager for learning new ideas/ways and aiming for harder goals.  Eager to go more places where few people have gone. In 2015, I started my thru-hiking with the Pacific Crest Trail and then thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail the same year.  When 2016 rolled around, I completed my triple crown. I then continued and finished the Great Divide Trail, being roughly the 5th person ever to do both trails in a season. I capped off the year in November after hiking the Superior Hiking Trail.  With being able to complete all my hiking goals so far, 2017 was the year to do something CRAZY. Why, because I’m still young and I may never get another chance. In 2017, I set the self-supported speed record of the Appalachian Trail, which was my main goal.  My second goal of the year, the calendar triple crown didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted it. Roughly 10-12 people have ever accomplished the calendar triple. After hiking a little over 6,200 miles in 17′, I called it a year in November after consistently getting hit with storms.  I pushed hard in my 2017 goals, yet I didn’t let “the rush” get in the way of meeting people and seeing the world’s beauty.

Belden Aug 29 2017

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Belden Town

1271 – 1296 mile.  

Back in thru hiker style, started rolling before 6am.  Nice smooth trail up on top before it dropped 8 miles down into town.  Hung out with five straggly nobos, downed tons of Pepsi, resupplied, and soaked my foot.  Waited for hot part of the day to pass, last thing I need is hear exhaustion.  Went by Rattlesnake Springs just before entering into Lassen NF.  Stated seeing tons of smoke from all the fires up north.  Must be getting close.

June 16, 2015

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Woke up, packed everything up and planned my mileage for the next couple days. Bought my third big bag of Doritos, packed up and headed out. It was a huge climb up to the lake from the village. Saw beautiful trees, it was just so different. I would say about every hundred miles you can tell the difference between the scenery and trees. Today was one of those days. There were allot of sets coming from one base. It was kind of like birch trees, how they have a set of 3 or 5. But they definitely weren’t birch and they had like ten massive trees coming from one base. Made it to the lake. It was quite pleasantly shocking. Sat around and ate tons of snacks. After seeing the lake in pictures, it seemed the real thing was twice as big. Walked the rim trail which goes right on the edge of the crater. It was awesome walking on the rim around 1/3 of the lake. Later on, I had to walk around allot of down trees again. With one of the last climbs of the day, I ran into Bipolar. I met him way back at mile 200. He knew me right off the bat. He has a crazy good memory, it is unbelievable how many people he has met on trail. He was posted up for the night, right next to the trail. Talked briefly as I was being eaten alive by mosquitoes. With the fallen down tree obstacles, I zonked out right when I put my head down.


June 15, 2015

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Made some mega miles into Crater Lake. We found none the less but Boa hanging out in the laundry room. was over. That idea eventually turned into staying overnight and hanging out. Hangout and got loaded back up on calories. Eventually, I ended posting up at the PCT camping section. A lady ranger was there hanging out with the thru-hikers. She was very nice, turned out she heard I shipped my sleeping bag home. She was super super nice and brought me blankets, so I could actually get some sleep. Obviously this blanket was bulkier and heavier than my sleeping bag. That didn’t matter as much as for now, sleep was the #1 thing on my mind. It just bothered me how BAD of a decision to send my sleeping bag home. It was around one and I figured it didn’t make sense to hop back on the trail till the hottest part of the day


Uncle Bob June 14, 2015

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Left camp before anyone else got up. Not super early, just seems the vibe for the section hikers is to start later and set up at 5pm. I just don’t think I could fill up my time setting up that early. I had another laid back day, walked thru a couple burned down parts. It was nice cause you could actually get some great views, but that also came with some burnt fallen over trees. Couple miles from the shelter, I couldn’t believe who I ran into. Uncle Bob was his name; I met him way back in Wrightwood. I knew his voice was familiar with all his cussing he does. It was hilarious, we chatted up for a half hour before heading to the shelter. The cabin was interesting; it had rubber flaps for the door with a wood stove in the middle. It had great benches rounding the inside with a nice window to look out of. Got the stove rolling just before calling it a night.


Ashland June 13, 2015

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Brutally cold night, I gave into the cold temperatures.  I packed up and hit the trail at 2 am.  With limited sleep the last two nights, I had no choice but to go into Ashland and get warmer clothes or a sleeping bag.  On the hike in, I ran into 3 pairs of eyes staring at me and not moving at all.  With it being pitch black out, I got quite nervous.  The eyes were in the front, not on the sides of the skull.  So I didn’t think it was a deer.  While trying to keep an eye on the animal, I searched for a good defense system.  I came up with one wimpy stick, that would snap into pieces with striking anything.  Half mile later, I was able to find a stick that would give me a fighting chance.  Thankfully, I didn’t need to use it.  Still not sure, perhaps it was just my mind blowing things out of proportion.  I hit some amazing trail magic ten mile out of town.  Drank a Pepsi which got the juices flowing again.  Kept a solid pace and made it 23 miles by 11am.  Asked a biker couple what was the easiest way to hitch into town.  They told me to hike down to the ramp.  I started walking that way and they said they could give me a ride.  Super nice couple dropped me off right at the Goodwill Store.  Picked up a shirt and looked for a blanket but all they had was a bed sheet.  With the grocery store being next door, I couldn’t resist. Also had to stop at the Taco Bell, since I had to walk right by it to get back to the interstate.  Wanted to make more miles, so I went right to the on ramp. Got allot of weird looks, but after 5 minutes a 420 friendly guy picked me up.  He already had one rolling.   Chatted all the way to the trail, super nice guy.  Hiked into the first spring, filled up water, soaked and elevated my feet, set up camp, and called it a night.


June 12, 2015

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Woke up super early after previously putting in a low milaged day.  It was nice to get out of the hot valley, the mountains actually had creeks flowing.  The fragrances really stuck out. At Kangaroo Springs it smelt like bubble gum.  A couple miles later as I was dropping into a saddle, a flower was blooming like crazy.  Tons and tons of bees were flying around.  The smell was so pure, I took a couple deep inhales hoping to hold onto it the rest of the day.  Hangout on top of the ridge the rest of the day.  I was able to snap some amazing black and white textured pictures.  Later on in the day, I finally crossed the border to finally make it into my second state of the trail.  I ran into a herd of elk off in the distance.  It felt like I accomplished so much of the trail.  Made it a couple more miles before posting up for the night.


Seaid Valley June 11, 2015

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Made it to Seaid Valley in the morning to have breakfast with Baldor and More Cowbell.  This restaurant had a 5lb pancake eating competition.  I was thinking about it, until I saw how big it was.  More Cowbell and I were quite entertained watching Baldor attempt the eating challenge.  Baldor was only able to eat 1.5 pancakes. So I…  Being quite smart waited for Baldor to give up and ate a 1lb pancake.  Just one and I was completely stuffed.  We were so plump; we had to lay down and relax to let the food settle.  After an hour, I got up and figured out how much food I needed to buy to make it to Crater Lake.  Devoured a milkshake and headed off to the trail.  The heat was brutal; I stopped at Fern Springs to cool down.  I became overheated so fast, I had to take breaks every twenty feet.  I also knew I was getting heat exhaustion, because I was starting to get a headache.  I laid down, soaked my bandanna in the spring, and put it on my neck and face.  After an hour my headache went away and I was able to continue.  The trail kept gaining mad elevation, but the views kept getting better and better.  It felt like a good trade off.  Just before I was about to set up, I ran into 2 girls hanging food a quarter mile from where they were going to set up camp.  Set up camp with them and chatted till it got late.  Tonight was going to be a little different of a night.  The main reason because I sent my sleeping bag home.  I thought it was a good idea after waking up multiple times sweating the previous couple nights.  Found out it was a big mistake, I was shivering all night.