Woke up super early after previously putting in a low milaged day.  It was nice to get out of the hot valley, the mountains actually had creeks flowing.  The fragrances really stuck out. At Kangaroo Springs it smelt like bubble gum.  A couple miles later as I was dropping into a saddle, a flower was blooming like crazy.  Tons and tons of bees were flying around.  The smell was so pure, I took a couple deep inhales hoping to hold onto it the rest of the day.  Hangout on top of the ridge the rest of the day.  I was able to snap some amazing black and white textured pictures.  Later on in the day, I finally crossed the border to finally make it into my second state of the trail.  I ran into a herd of elk off in the distance.  It felt like I accomplished so much of the trail.  Made it a couple more miles before posting up for the night.


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