Cold chilly morning washing up.  Packed up quick and hit the trail.  Saw a group of elk and a pair of coyotes on my never ending road walk.  Couple of the scarce cars stopped by and asked if I had water.  Didn’t want to carry any more weight.  I was getting low on water, but knew I could make it 4 more miles on nothing.  Made it to a small stream running down the mountain and filled up.  There was plenty of cow tracks and poop upstream.  I now had no other choice and partially regretted not taking a liter or two.  Kept gaining elevation a couple more miles and took a break at the top.  Took a brief nap before heading down in the wrong direction.  Had to bush wack to get back up 1,000 feet to find the trail.  After a quarter mile I dropped all the way back down go back down.   Kept winding thru the trees before coming to a murky cattle pond.  Filtering water gradually keeps taking longer and longer, with all the cattle water.  Smashed out four more miles and found a hawk feather.  Partially caught the sunset, and set up my tent in the dark.  Hard night of setting up my tent with the temps feeling like 29 degrees.


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