1st Hostel EVER          April 7th, 2015

1st Hostel EVER April 7th, 2015

Papa Smurf made a wonderful breakfast.  Eggs potatoes, and sausage all scrambled up.  Watched TV for an hour and got dropped off at Vons grocery store.  Loaded up on snacks, Oreos, Cheeze its, Pop Tarts, so I could make it all the way to Wrightwood.  Milkjug, Big Mile, Night Train, and lil Spoon were all kicking it at the hostel, so I walked over there for my zero day.  Everyone was a hiker, which made it a ton more fun.  Alot of people were taking naps and running errands. Chad accidentally misplaced his stash on the local transit bus.  That as quite the episode of him getting it back. Watched a couple movies and had a couple brews.  Later that night it started snowing and the power went out. It was not a big deal, because we all had head lamps.   Alot of people started getting the muchies around midnight.  So we were all huddled around a table eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  It looked quite redickulous seeing grown men up at midnight eating cereal.  It was like we were all kids again.


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