2 naps April 23, 2015

Woke up to a foggy morning.  It reminded me of some seen’s shot of The Patriot.  The sunrise was coming thru the trees, with the fog in the middle of everything.  With all the dew on the ground my feet started getting a little soggy.  I slowed down my pace, hoping the dew would vanish.  The trails I’ve been hiking on since Tehachapi are also cow trails.  Constantly dodging cow pies keeps you alert.  I came up on some cows and spooked them.  They bolted it out of there like they saw a ghost.  That kind of made me wonder how many mountain lions were in the area.  Got a couple miles done in the morning and figured it was time for a nap.  It was starting to warm up and there is nothing like soaking up the hot sun rays.    Woke up, found I was on a dirt bike, all terrain access road.  Saw footprints in the sand, so I kept going in the same direction.  Did about 7 more miles and figured it was time for another nap.  With 12 hours of sleep the night before, I could only point it to all the chips I had been eating the past couple of days.


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