Anxious to get back May 26, 2015

Although having five days off, I new I still had tons and tons of miles to go.  Pretty much packed a buffet for the four days of food which would get me to Sierra City.  My sister and brother in law dropped us off at the trail.  They wanted to check out the trail, so they walked a quarter mile tops, before they had enough.  Had the goodbyes and a couple pictures.  I was able to keep a solid pace, cause it felt so good to get back on trail.  Made it a couple miles and knew I had packed to much food out.  The extra food wait adds up FAST.  Broke out five servings of Fritos, sandwiches, snickers, and two bananas.  Maybe it was in my head, but it felt like I dropped two pounds instantly.  Headed further up and made it to Dicks Pass.  I got signal again and wished my sister a Happy Birthday.  The snow was packed pretty high at the pass.  It was slippery snow, I was able to partially ski down on my shoes.  Helped me catch up on my sluggish start.  Caught up to Baldor where he was starting to post up for the night.  Was a short day, but I was perfectly fine with that, with only getting 4 hours of sleep the night before.  Uploading music and pictures took awhile.  My usual self, I wait till the last minute to do things.  Ate most of my heaviest food and crashed.


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