Apache helicopters             (March 29th, 2015)
Nap Time

Apache helicopters (March 29th, 2015)

Woke up to an astonishing view, since I night hiked for two hours in complete darkness. Set off to Mount Laguna, which was about 13 miles away. Found a really nice camping spot about a half mile before Cribbets Creek Campground. Met an old fela that has pieced together the PCT about 5 times. He had his brother at every road to help him out with water and food. He set such a good pace I could barely keep up to him. Though he was three times as old, his pack couldn’t have weighed more than a third of mine. He was still kicken my butt. Just before Mt. Laguna, I saw Apache helicopters fly over head. Guess there is a huge base in San Diego. Got lost trying to get water at the post office. I didn’t think I was that far off, but 3 miles in the wrong direction was quite a ways. Earlier that day, I was thinking about that movie Cast Away and how it was suck if you didn’t have enough water to go back and get something extremely valuable to you. Didn’t feel like taking a risk today, so I hitched a ride back to Mt. Laguna. Nice fellow named Scott gave me a ride back to town, so I could replenish my water supply. Since I put in quite a few miles that day, I took a nice long lunch break. The nice long break of my feet elevated rejuvenated me. Hopped back on my feet and headed back to the trail. I surely didn’t want to run out of water again, so I checked my water reports. I just had 60 oz for about 20 miles, I was getting quite nervous again till I came upon a water cache. Scrambled to get out my bottles and bladders, so I wouldn’t have to walk to long in the dark. Reached Boulder Campsite and saw a splendid small site perfect for my little tent. As I walked closer I saw a small scorpion. Just about a week earlier, I found they are the ones that come out at night and you want to stay plenty far away. But this lil guy thought he could take my camping spot. I was going to let him, but when I couldn’t find any other spots, I had no choice. Carefully got him to move, while keeping my eyes on the surroundings. Wondered what else could be outside my tent tonight. Set up the tent and hoped in for the night. Ate four plus servings of granola bars for supper. I peaked through the mesh of my tent to see if the scorpion was going to come back and try to reclaim his territory. He was nowhere in sight, so I drifted off.


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