Appalachian Trail

This trail runs 2,189 miles LONG ! !!

Appalachian trail cuts through the oldest mountain range on the planet.

The AT’s white blaze, plastered on trees and rocks, guides hikers along the route.

1/4 of the trail goes thru Virginia.

You’re most likely to run into a black bear in New Jersey.

Most hikers cover about 15 miles a day, taking six months to complete the entire trail.

The AT was first proposed in 1921 by Benton Mackaye, a former forester and newspaper editor.  He hoped the trail would be a way for people to escape city life and reconnect with wilderness.

The elevation gain/loss off hiking the entire trail is the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest 16 times.

Mount Everest sits at 29,029 feet.  The trail totals up to an approximate 464,464 feet.

The trail travels thru 14 different states :

Georgia       Maryland

Massachusetts  North Carolina    Pennsylvania    Vermont       Tennessee   New Jersey  

Virginia      New Hampshire 

New York            Maine    

West Virginia         Connecticu 

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