Aqua Dulce April 16, 2016

Woke up to blazing winds.  It was so bad, I had to put on my stocking cap in the middle of the desert.  I have some ear problems sometimes when wind hits my ears, it gives me painful headaches.  Must be some hereditary thing I got from my pops.  He wars a hood all the time he goes outside.  Once I dropped down about 2000 feet the wind died down.  Fifteen miles later, I came to Vasquey Rock Park.  It was amazing to see rock mountains shot up at a totally different angle.  I was quite the place for Hollywood movies I found out.  Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, and quite a few other movies were filmed there.  Made it to Agua Dulce to resupply on food.  They had quite the pricey market, items added up super fast.  Had lunch with Ironman and E-train.  Left the market with a food coma, had a massive mountain to climb to get out of Agua Dulce.  Left with enough water to make it to Bear Spring, but I missed the spring about 2 miles back.  This now led me to pull an all night hike to trail angel Anderson’s.  Put on my headlamp, made it a couple miles and ran into a tent that had its light on.  I asked “Haiku, is that you?” Asked him for some water and he gave me enough so I could set up tent and call it a night.  Just thirty feet from Haiku was Big Mile.  Funny thing is they both didn’t know they set up so close to each other.  Was great to catch up to Big Mile and catch up.


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