Most likely the last Speed Record

I dislike how the "FKT" system is set-up. They have improved on some things, but have gone backwards on others. In other words, this will most likely be my last Speed Record.
Similar to the Appalachian Trail speed record, I will be attempting the record in the months you wouldn't expect. I am attempting during mid-May, because I have the
Alaska & Great Himalayan High Route lined up for the end of the season.

Aiming for the Supported Speed Record, while going Self-Supported.

  Mid~May, I will be aiming to average 53 miles per day.

–  Dropping water/food caches

–  Stretches Mexico to Utah

–  800 Miles long


Update on failed attempt

Day 3, I was on pace but started feeling a sharp pain in my left achillies.  I tore it slightly the previous year and it’s been a long road to recover.  I did’t take any chances as I have 2 friends counting on me for more important hikes.  Brooks Range Traverse and over in Nepal to cap off the year.  Even with putting 75% of the inclines and drops on my right leg, my left achillies was super sore.  I feel like a speed record ranging 700-1000 miles is prime to push to the extreme without hopefully hurting yourself for a long time.  I maybe back for this, but it will depend on if my dumb achillies will ever heal.

Appalachian Speed Record Pictures below

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