Ashland                 June 13, 2015

Ashland June 13, 2015

Brutally cold night, I gave into the cold temperatures.  I packed up and hit the trail at 2 am.  With limited sleep the last two nights, I had no choice but to go into Ashland and get warmer clothes or a sleeping bag.  On the hike in, I ran into 3 pairs of eyes staring at me and not moving at all.  With it being pitch black out, I got quite nervous.  The eyes were in the front, not on the sides of the skull.  So I didn’t think it was a deer.  While trying to keep an eye on the animal, I searched for a good defense system.  I came up with one wimpy stick, that would snap into pieces with striking anything.  Half mile later, I was able to find a stick that would give me a fighting chance.  Thankfully, I didn’t need to use it.  Still not sure, perhaps it was just my mind blowing things out of proportion.  I hit some amazing trail magic ten mile out of town.  Drank a Pepsi which got the juices flowing again.  Kept a solid pace and made it 23 miles by 11am.  Asked a biker couple what was the easiest way to hitch into town.  They told me to hike down to the ramp.  I started walking that way and they said they could give me a ride.  Super nice couple dropped me off right at the Goodwill Store.  Picked up a shirt and looked for a blanket but all they had was a bed sheet.  With the grocery store being next door, I couldn’t resist. Also had to stop at the Taco Bell, since I had to walk right by it to get back to the interstate.  Wanted to make more miles, so I went right to the on ramp. Got allot of weird looks, but after 5 minutes a 420 friendly guy picked me up.  He already had one rolling.   Chatted all the way to the trail, super nice guy.  Hiked into the first spring, filled up water, soaked and elevated my feet, set up camp, and called it a night.


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