Awful Sequence           June 9, 2015
Rainy Day

Awful Sequence June 9, 2015

Rough night sleeping with 90% of everything soaked.  Threw all my wet clothes on and hit the trail.  Not Long after hiking I came across a tree that blew up from a lightning bolt.  Shrapnel shot 30-40 feet away from the tree starting smaller fires.  The stump of the tree was engulfed with flames.  I thought someone had a nice bonfire going, but I was wrong.  Got cell signal and called in the fire to have someone keep an eye on it.  Made it to the north side and ran into endless shrubs over the trail.  The bushes were sponges soaking up all the water they could get.  I got doused with every step I took.  Eventually hiking with wet socks turned into giving me blisters on the top of my toes.  Now with blisters on top, athletes foot on bottom, it couldn’t get any worse.  But it did, I got a brutal headache on top of that.  Made it to the outskirts of town, just had 1.5 miles to the turn off.  Got lost, which turned into taking twice as long for coming down into Castella.  It felt like the longest day ever.  Made it to Castella or other words, the town that included a gas station and a post office.  Hung out drank some pop and downed my peanut butter chocolate chip tortilla shells.  Made a nice fire and hung out the rest of the night.


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