Back on Track              April 8th, 2015

Back on Track April 8th, 2015

Woke up before my alarm clock, was anxious to get back on the trail.  Everyone was up and chatting before Big Mile and I left.  Got to the trail at 9ish, chatted up with the hostel owner for a bit and hit the trail.  Came to some snowy patches from last nights droppings, but it wasn’t bad.  The day was so chilly that I didn’t have to fill up my water at all.  Came to some very odd obstacles. Rolling boulders placed in the weirdest positions.  Looked like some boulders would of needed massive cranes to be put in those positions.  Came to a solid flowing stream, where I purified water, ate, and set up camp.  I’m finally getting use to the long days.

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