Back to normal life    August 18, 2015
Near Caratunk

Back to normal life August 18, 2015

Made it to Shaw’s hostel late after running out of food, but they were super nice and picked me up after 7 pm.  They were in the middle of eating and it couldn’t of been any better.  The massive burgers with killer fries and egg salad was amazing.  I must of ate a couple pounds.  Had a blast hanging out that night with two guys.  One of them was on his shower-less streak and the other guy had an unforgettable laugh.  It was completely redickulous, no matter what he said it was funny.  Made it back to hiker life, woke up early after a late night.  Relaxed and read some books on the coffee table.  Eventually, they made breakfast and the smell was irresistible.  Bacon and hash browns with endless amounts of blueberry pancakes.  After in-taking a couple more pounds of food, it was hard to motivated to pack up and get on trail.  Eleven o’clock came around fast and I figured it was time to head out, there was no need to rest a day.  The hostel Shaw’s in Monson is the oldest hostel on trail.  Even though being 11 am.  I was hoping to smash out 16 miles to Moxie Lean-to.  The whole day was super flat which helped me make good time.  Although, with fording two rivers and dodging mud-holes, it slowed me down a bit.  But, I eventually made it to the lean-to where I met up with Woodgrain.  After getting to camp by 6 pm.  I perfect amount of time to hangout, chat, and wash-up before bedtime.  It was amazing watching the moon out over the lake.  Fell asleep to all the animals talking at night.  Wolves or coyotes, owls, frogs hopping and chirping.  The huge frogs reminded me of Thailand.

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