Back to the Trail May 10, 2015

Woke up to the casual unlimited CTC breakfast.  Andy brought us to pick up the Half Dome permits.  Got back to the hostel and gradually packed our packs.  We all bought so much food, it was impossible to eat all of it.  We ate and drank like kings, picking the best food from loaded table.  Watched Due Date and Anchorman on TV, which eventually turned into watching basketball.  The Bulls were playing the Cavs in the playoffs.  Baldor and I only drank two beers of the 30 rack.  I thought it would be a good idea to fill up a milk jug with beer.  After walking a mile Malkolm and I totally knew it was a complete redickulous idea.  I poured half the beer out, not totally giving up on the idea yet.  Made it to the bus stop where we waited and waited and waited.  Found out the bus shuts down after 1:30pm, so we were outta luck.  After a couple more minutes a random older guy swung by to pick us up.  Malkolm and I cheered with the rest of the beer before hitting the trail.  The trail was doused with the 20 inches of snow the previous days.  It made the trail conditions slippery and sloppy, but it was a great relief to get back on the trail.  Even though Mammoth Lakes was a must stop, the town stop brutally beat us to pieces worse than the trail.  With a total opposite change in lifestyle it made me sick and didn’t feel right at all.  We all agreed to not spend that much time consecutively in town for the rest of the trip to Canada.  With wet, cold, soggy feet it wasn’t the best day.  Although it still felt a million times better than being in town.  It seems crazy to say it, but we all felt the exact same way.


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