Back to the trail October 23, 2015

Got dropped off at HWY 325 where I proceeded south.  Nice climb put me back on top.  The trail was still pretty rocky, but after a couple miles I caught up to Deja.  She was having lunch at a shelter.  I swung in and said “hi” and checked out how this shelter was set up.  Wanted to do decent miles, so I hopped back on trail.  After an hour Deja flew by me.  It was nice to hike with a good pace.  She was motivated to get to the post office before closing time.  My motivation was lacking, but Deja kept me on track.  We chatted the rest of the day to Duncannon PA.  She told me about how she taught english in Japan for the previous 5 years.  Now she’s moving onto something else.  She told me about tons of cool jobs.  Made it to Duncannon and hit up the Doyle.  Old rundown nasty hotel, BUT had amazing food.  That is what I heard and seemed pretty correct to me.  I didn’t stay for the night, but my buffalo burger was the best I ever had.  I asked the bartender for a knife.  She said, “What For?”  I told her I needed to cut the sides of my shoes.  My pinky toes where getting crushed and it was getting hard to walk.  Time was getting late, said the good byes to Deja and her friend and hit the trail.  Headed up the trail 4 more miles and got to the shelter in the dark.  It felt like my first time camping in the woods, every noise made me nervous but I eventually fell asleep.

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