Baden Powell April 13, 2015

Got up, had a monstrous of a breakfast.  It included 3 bowls of cereal, a piece of cake, and a chocolate powdered protein drink.  Went into town to send my old pack home.  Thanked Jeff and took a picture with him and said goodbye.  Climbed out of the Wrightwood valley 2,800 ft in 3.5 miles.  Hit the trail west towards Baden Powell.  On the way there I went thru a ski resort and found a ski pole.  I figured i’d give it a try as a walking stick.  Thought it would be good for steep inclines and declines, and also kept it to give me some leverage against the Green Mojave Rattlers.  Couple miles later, I came to Inspiration Point.  The name fits it perfect.  The overlook never ended. Finally, I came to Baden Powel Mountain.  It was getting later in the day and I wanted to drop down at least 1000 ft from the peak.  So I boogied, on the way I found a red hat laying right on the trail.  It said Baldor on it.  It wasn’t to shabby of a hat, but I definitely didn’t need it so I set it up on a branch.  Constantly I kept losing the trail.  Walking over, thru, or around 5-6 foot snow drifts.  Got so lost, I just scrambled to the top where I knew the trail would be.  Right before the summit, on the ridge there was a 1500 year old tree.  The massive roots branched out and were twice the size of the branches.   It was crazy to see it doing so well, after all the soil eroded from the base of the tree.  Dropped my pack and ran up to the summit, for it was getting really late and chilly.  There was a boy scout monument at the top.  Baden Powel founded booy scouts in the United States.  Before it was just in Europe.  Got chilled at the windy top and came hauling down the path to warm up.  Went a couple more miles till I passed Windy Gap.


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