Bald Mountain November 28, 2015

Woke up early anxious to get back on trail.  Four and a half days off, was wayyy to many.  It was ridiculous, but my legs are back up to 100% recharged and ready to go.  Hit the trail running, to keep the expected finish date within reach.  To finish on Dec. 7th, I would have to average 34 miles a day.  With two resupplies it is going to be really difficult, but I must try.  My parents are driving down from Minnesota today to pick me up.  It is like a race to the finish line at Springer Mountain.  Had some beautiful 360 degree views on Bald Mountain.  Hiked a half hour in the dark before reaching HogBack Ridge Shelter.  Nice little shelter, but I saw a few mice running around.  Hopefully the mice won’t keep me up tonight.  I’m shooting for Hot Springs tomorrow, so a good night’s rest is crucial.

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