Beat Down              May 2, 2015

Beat Down May 2, 2015

Woke up to frozen shoes and socks.  My tent poles didn’t snap in half, so that was a positive.  The wind hadn’t changed its mind yet either.  We needed to dry out our clothes before heading forward.  The snow was solid in the morning, which helped us to stay afloat and not post hole.  The morals swung quite rapidly in the other direction.  After about 5 miles Baldor and Malkolm caught up.  I was originally going to go to town with Big Mile, mainly because I wasn’t carrying a topo map or my gps on my phone.  With only seeing the trail about 20% of the time, I knew I couldn’t go on by just myself.  With Baldor and Malkolm catching up, I figured I’d latch onto them thru the rest of the Sierras.  This way my plans wouldn’t change and I could still do Half Dome.  I’m so glad I was able to keep going.  To get out of the Sierras, you have to hike usually about 20 miles one direction to get to town and get supplies.  As we made our way to the the hardest pass on trail, we approached with caution.  Glen Pass is considered the hardest for how steep the north side and the length of the snowfield.  Post holing hip deep in snow was a common to the top of Glen Pass.  Was nice to have to weekend warriors out in front of us post holing.  Totally help make going down the north steep slope easier.  Didn’t take long for my feet to go numb with trudging thru the snow.  Made it down to some beautiful lakes and called it a day.  Got a fire going to dry off all of our clothes.  Hung out and chatted around the fire, while we all devoured our supper.


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