Beat Down November 30, 2015

Lucky me, nothing but rain in the forecast the next 4 days.  Kept waking up in the middle of the night for some reason.  Got all packed up and headed out into the rain.  Nothing but a climb to get back up in the mountains.  After a couple miles, I was hovering the tops again.  The fog covered up a lot of the views.  I ran into a girl going north bound, not sure if she was doing a section or what.  Was nice to run into someone, knowing I’m not the only one out here.  Later on I was able to me make it over Max Patch.  I was trying to race the dark, so I started running on the down hills. 1 it feels easier on my knees. 2 make some solid time.  As I was running I jumped on a slippery rock and did a huge face plant.  My arm hit hard with my pack landing on me.  Instantly went numb, I was just nervous if it was broken.  I carried my arm close to my body like it was in a sling.  Hoping that would help.  The bleeding eventually stopped.  Had one more solid climb up and back down to the valley where I planned on staying at Standing Bear Hostel.  After a half hour of night hiking, I hit the road to the hostel.  Next to the road was a beautiful stream, couldn’t see it cause the night.  It sounded quite important and I couldn’t wait to see it in the morning.  I got into the bunkhouse for the hikers and just sat down on a chair by the wood stove.  No one else was there, which was a bummer cause this hostel was awesome.  They had a resupply store and had virtually everything you would ever need.  I was brutally in pain after hiking in the rain all day today and the previous days.  My feet were breaking down and it didn’t help I only drank 1 liter for the last 25 MILES.  Yes, that was really stupid, but I really didn’t want to stop and purify water in the rain.  Met a kid that has been working for the hostel for about a year.  He was an interesting character.  Had funky hair color and he had been traveling the world.  I think he was 21 and I think he has been to 19 countries.  I was quite impressed.  Rested with my feet in the air the rest of the night.

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