Beautiful day December 04, 2015

Left early for the big day into Franklin.  After a couple miles I made it to Wayah Bald Observation tower.  I was thrilled, I saw two packs on the ground.  I dropped my pack and ran to the top.  The saw me coming up and remember who I was.  With such a bad memory, I had to ask.  Things added up, no wonder I forgot.  I met this couple for a couple hours way up in the town of Dalton.  That’s crazy, it was probably about 1000 miles ago.  Real nice couple, I think they were from Germany.  Chatted a bit and hit the trail into town.  Made it to US 64, perfect timing it was still light out.  Tried going to the grocery store but missed the exit, so I ended up at Walmart.  That eventually turned out to be the better option.  I was able to plug in my phone and eat.  Got my food ready for the last time.  All my “lasts” were coming to an end, it was quite sad.  But the show must go on.  Got everything done quick, but I really wanted to charge my phone. So I decided I would sleep in the bathroom at Walmart and wait for my phone to charge.  By the time I got going and charged my electronics it was 4 am.  Figuring I’d have a small chance a catching a ride that early, but I was anxious.  I usually don’t ask people unless it’s a really hard hitch.  I asked a lady coming into the store.  She hesitated and then said I should ask this sheriff coming in the door.  I asked the lady sheriff and she said she couldn’t.  I was really bummed about her answer, since there is nothing going on at 4 am.  But that’s how it goes.  I put on my hitch hiking pack cover and started walking out the door.  Ha, then the first girl said she could take me if I showed her my id.  Real nice lady after we got to talking on the way to the trail.

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