Belden June 1, 2015

Could not sleep at all, with a popped pad.  Probably got four hours of sleep.  Impala and I wanted to get to town to check out the store.  Had no clue what we were running into, just knew the population of the town is 22 people.  Got on trail at 4:30 am and thought it was going to be a nice 28 miles.  The downhill part went smooth.  My shins started hurting on declines and I still had 3,000 feet to drop.   On the way down, I saw two people cutting fallen trees with a massive 2 man saw.  Just before the bottom, every bad step would send bloody pain from my shins to the rest of my body.  Stuck with it and made it to the bottom.  Crossed the railroad tracks and walked right into the only store.  Saw there was a crew of hikers just hanging out.  That’s where I met triple crowners No Trace and Unbreakable.  Hung out a couple hours and hitched into Quincy to pick up some food.  On the way to Quincy, I found out the guy that picked me up was the bar tender in the book “Wild.”  Sheryl Strayed was hitting on him.  It was cool to meet an unknown famous person.  Made it to the market and picked up a couple days of food.  Ron drove me half ways back to Belden.  Didn’t take long to get my second hitch back to Belden.  He was an older guy, we talked about the trail.  He said he did some hiking back in the day and now he doesn’t sleep on the ground.  Got back and didn’t stop eating till I fell asleep.


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