Big Mile Day June 4, 2015

Got going early, about 5:30am.  Hit the trail in full stride.  Was hoping to do 33 miles.  As I started hiking that day, I thought I might have a chance to get to the post office before it shuts down for the weekend.  That would save me a half day, because on Saturday the post office didn’t open till 1pm.  Kept a steady pace to at least keep it an option.  Made solid miles throughout the day and did 42 miles.  I ended up at Waner Valley Campground.  Dropped my pack once a found a picnic table.  It was 11pm. by the time I made it there and everyone was passed out. Made some great diner.  It included two packs of Ramen and a tuna pack.  Ate so fast my stomach hurt getting half way thru the meal.  After laying back and relaxing five minutes, I felt like a million bucks again.  Got set up, threw my food in the bear box, and passed out.


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