Bland November 14, 2015

Late start, yesterday really took it out of me.  Got on the road at 7.  I walked by quite a few hunter campers posted in random spots on the forest roads.  Later on in the day, two hunters carried out a big buck on the AT.  Came upon some deer camps where I saw a deer hanging from the tree.  The leafs were up to my knees for parts of the day.  It is like putting one pound weights on both legs.  It wasn’t bad from the start, but by the end of the day, it added up to drag you down.  Eventually made it to Bland hitching point.  About 5 minutes later, Sarah slammed on her brakes and swung over to give me a ride all the way to town.  Chatted all the way into town and Sarah was super nice to drive me back to the trail.  Very nice lady and we had funny things in common.  How her youngest sibling was her brother and how he always got spoiled.  Also, she still takes care of him still.  I thought that was funny and I could very much relate.  I’ll have something to look forward to with all my older sisters.  The sun was falling fast and before no time, I was in the dark.  I posted up on a porch so I could get an early start for the next day and passed out.

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