Bland November 15, 2015

Since Shelah was so nice to give me a ride back to the trail, I had to make fast shopping decisions.  Like usual, my cravings were high when I got to the store.  For the next four days I settled on 2 pounds of Coca Coca Puffs cereal, 1.5 pounds of animal crackers, 2 pounds of cheap cookies, 1-pound cookie dough, 3 pounds of bread, not quite 2 pounds of peanut butter, 3 boxes of Little Debbies, 5 pack of Ramen, and 5 pepperoni pi-zones.  The pep pi-zones were definitely the best buy.  Never had anything like them, just sooooooo goooood.  So yes my pack was stupid heavy the next day.  With Shelah being such a delightful person, my attitude changed and it felt like the weight got lifted off my shoulders.  The morning was a bit cold but after 3 big bowls of cereal, I was ready for the day.

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