Boulder Oaks       (March 28, 2015)

Boulder Oaks (March 28, 2015)

So my PCT journey began with my sister Danette and Brother Mike hiking the first 26 miles. They made the trail alot more enjoyable, memorable, and alot alot more adaptable. We started hiking at Boulder Oaks Campground (mile 26) and worked our way back to the southern terminus. After 2.5 days we reached the Mexican border. Took silly pictures on the monument. I was quite surprised with all the border patrol vehicles everywhere. Finally made it back to Campo and got a massive tub of chocolate brownie ice cream. Ate so much, I was in a chocolate coma for a couple hours. Trail angel Travis got off work and picked us up to get a ride back to the car. Got back to Boulder Oaks Campground, washed up my clothes and packed my pack thoroughly as now I will be on my own and unable to easily switch up pack items.


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