Braatens June 2, 2015

I woke up to a beautiful morning.  I made some wonderful milk and Captain Crunch.  Relaxed and vegetated for one of the most interesting calls yet on the trip.  Brandon Clark called from Real Presence Radio.  He wanted to interview me about my CHWC fundraiser.  Talked for about a half an hour about how everything took place.  It truly made my day spreading love, hope and a helping hand.  I didn’t anything else to do today, besides getting my sleeping pad.  Hung out at Belden Resort and caught up with other hikers.  Eventually, I meandered my way over to Little Haven.  Dropped my stuff off and went to go hang out by the river.  Made a pack of hot dogs and relaxed and drank beer by the river.  Got really curious of how I sounded on the podcast radio.  I listened to it and little more smooth than I thought.  The bugs eventually started coming out.  I packed up and scrambled back to the hiker hut.  By this time, the Braatens got back and we chitchatted a bit.  She was super nice and concerned our feet were clean and good.  Packed and planned food the next couple days.  They also had Yogis handbook for the Continental Divide Trail.  I read as much as possible till I felt sleepy.


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