Brooks Lean-to   August 15, 2015
To the top.

Brooks Lean-to August 15, 2015

Woke up late and didn’t get on trail till 8.  With 30 miles to go, I knew I wouldn’t get to Brooks Lean-to till late.  Most of the day I was in the green tunnel with tons of foot bridges leading thru the swampy sections.  At the end of the day my energy level was demolished into nothing.  However, I turned on some tunes which helped me get back up to par.   As darkness set in, I made it to the lean-to.  Four old guys were already posted up.  One old guy was hiking with his dad, which I later found out he was in his SEVENTIES ! ! !  Took some Tramadol and Vitamin I, which helped cure the heart beats in my knees, feet, and each toe.  Quickly set up for the night, so I wouldn’t keep everyone up.

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