Excitement through the roof with running the Brooks Range two years in a row.  Life brings curveballs and ya never know when the next sufficient amount of time of you’ll get for a 50-60 day excursion.  Nice to have it still fresh in my mind. This year, I am aiming for Kaktovik to Kotzebue. Logisticwise, the first half will consist of similar routes to the Haul Road.  I will have some alternative ideas lined up, dependent on weather, time, and food. Thoughts on Joe Creek to a northern route will have to wait for another time. 2nd half of the trip will consist of 90% new territory.  Venturing into the Old John, Atlatna, and the Arrigetch Peaks. Last part will be venturing a couple hundred miles down the legendary Noatak River. I am excited to be working with Kokopelli Packrafts. I will be floating/carrying the Kokopelli Rogue Lite on me at all times.  Weighing in under 5 pounds, this puppy will do everything I need. Possibly even an inflatable bed to and from Alaska in the airports waiting for my next flight. I will be meeting up with my hiking partner from the Haul Road to Kotzebue. I met Shaun on the AT in 15′, CDT 17′, and CDT 18′. Can’t wait to share the experience and push the limits! For now, off to prepping food drops, go thru gear with a little beer, and shoot some rivers in the Kokopelli Packrafts.

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