Burney Falls                  June 7, 2015

Burney Falls June 7, 2015

Woke up and hobbled my way to the road about 4 miles away.  Hitched into Burney Falls to grab some cream for my athlete’s foot and to buy another pair of socks.  Carrying only one pair was probably my worst decision I made on trail so far.  Hung out and charged everything up at McDonalds.  Boa ran out and stopped a truck to hitchhike back to the trail.  It was perfect, the first truck stopped.  Being it was Boa, it proves that he is the best “Yogier.”  Hiked to 1410 or shall I say “THE CACHE.”  It was unbelievable, they had food, pop, beer, showers, and a solar plug in station.  Hung out for a couple hours devouring pop after pop.  Had a beer with the owners and decided to hit the trail.  Finally made it to Burney Falls State Park.  The falls were breathtaking.  The falls were just as tall as wide, seeping out the sides of the cliffs.  Went up to the store to buy some goodies and found out they have a massive hiker box.  Luckily, I was able to hitch back to Burney later that night.  I needed to ship the bars and gel shots forward.  Found some nice lawn to post up in town at the dentist office and called it a night.


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