Caratunk     August 19, 2015
Tons of rocks

Caratunk August 19, 2015

Once again, I left later than I wanted.  I stayed up late the night before, trying to catch up on my journal.  The plan today was get to Caratunk….19 miles and relax the rest of the day.  I smashed out the two biggest climbs in the morning, I knew the rest of the day would be a breeze.  While keeping a steady pace, I thought I would be able to catch the boat shuttle to get across the Kennebic River.  The Kennebic River is a dangerous fast flowing river.  Many hikers have died trying to cross it.  The park service supplies one guy that canoes back in forth 8 am-4 pm.  I kept a steady pace to catch a ride before the guy shut down.  I got to Caratunk by 2:10 pm and hit up the post office for my drop box.  As I was hanging outside a guy drove up from the local resort and asked if I needed a ride there.  I glanced at my watch and thought I could squeeze it in.  Got to the resort and scurried thru my food drop to pack it up.  I got done with the organized food cramming in my pack, I figured I might as well treat myself to a burger.  With time running short, I devoured the burger and fries and caught a ride back to the Kennebic River. Thankfully the canoe worker was having a good day.  I showed up 5 minutes before 4 pm, he was pulling the canoe up on shore to call it a day.  I signed the safety waivers and put on a life jacket.  Hopped in the canoe and we were headed off to the other side.  Forgot to fill up my water bottles before I left the resort, so I had to hang out and filter my water.  As I was hanging out on shore, I watched the guy paddle back to the other side by himself.  It was quite impressive with that strong of a current.  Smashed out the four miles to the next lean-to and called it a wrap.  Made some hot coco before I jumped in the lake.  An older German couple were also sleeping in the shelter.  As I walked by her she said, “Oh my, YOU’RE STINKY.”  I laughed and took that as a great compliment.  Hopped in the lake.  It was soooooo refreshing, I stayed out there longer than normal.  Washed my clothes, made a small fire, and chatted with Bobcat, he was from Michigan.

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