Crazy Cook Monument April 25, 2016

Day 4.  Jeff drove me to meet the shuttle at Hachita.  Thanked him and hoped in with Juan, the shuttle driver.  Met four other people in the suburban.  There was a couple, J&J, and a guy named Twigg and a girl named Hippy Longstocking.  J&J were from Michigan, Hippy was from California, and unbelievably Twigg is from Mankato Minnesota.  We all hit it off pretty well.  On the way to the Crazy Cook Monument we told story’s over next two hours from our previous hikes, while driving to the Crazy Cook Monument.  The minimum maintenance road was so rough, the jacked up suburban bottomed out a couple times.  Finally, we made it to the border and I dashed out of the suburban to use the restroom.  Juan took the group’s picture and then left us to die in the middle of the desert.  Grabbed a couple more pictures at the monument before our safety meeting.  Twigg and I swapped numbers before heading out.  He has a similar hiking style, thinking we might be hiking together for awhile.  The trail was tough to stay on.  The shrubs were all similar and with millions of cow paths, accidentally ending up on the wrong path happened all the time.  Made it thru the first flat section and headed into some minor, but beautiful mountains.  With being extremely cautious of the rattlers, I followed Twigg for most of the day.  Made it to the first water cache behind Twigg.  We posted up in a wash, which made for some dusty situations with all the wind.  Hippy and J&J showed up, we kept chatting. With the shuttle taking two plus hours, today turned into a half day of hiking.  lt was about five thirty, so Twigg and I set out for another five miles.  Found a nice spot near a wash and cowboy camped.

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