Daleville November 09, 2015

Nice short day to hike into Troutville.  I thought wrong.  I woke up to super cold rain with no raingear.  Just before town I had to take a quick peak at Fullharts Shelter.  The reason I stopped at this one was to see how they set up the rainwater collection.  The shelter was way on top, so no streams or springs, the rainwater collection take was crucial.  The last four miles were all downhill to Troutville.  Made good time, since I ran for a chunk of it.  Grabbed my mail drop at the post office and headed for the fire station.  I was soaked and freezing cold, I had to get inside fast and warm up.  They such a bad combination.  Finally, a volunteer fire fighter showed up, I was able to take a warm shower and do laundry.  Sent both my old pairs of socks home.  They both had huge sets of holes in them.  The socks started to rub constantly and cause blisters.  Warmed up and went back out in the rain to hike over to Daleville.  Went to the Urgent Care to finally get some meds for my deer tick bite.  It didn’t take too long, then I hit up Krogers to go to the pharmacy and charge up electronics.  When I got outside it was 9 pm, and still rainy.  With 9 miles to the next shelter, my feet had been wet the entire day and my motivation dropped off a cliff.  Hiked to Howard Johnson Hotel to see how much they charged.  The price was borderline, but Monday night football was on, and that was a must.  Dried everything and watched TV till 2 am.

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