Day 7 April 28, 2016

Woke up excited to finally make it back to civilization.  Dusty, dirty, grimy clothes were getting to me.  My biggest mistake of the trail so far was not having two shirts.  One to hike in and one to sleep in.  I meant to stop by Savers (thrift store) and grab me a long sleeve shirt.  Unfortunately, time got ahead of me, I had to skip it and head to the airport.  Threw all my items in my pack and headed towards town.  Had one water cache before town, so I didn’t have to have out and filter water.  It was a bit rocky starting out, but after a mile or two she smoothed out into scenic mountains.  Passed by quite a few calves, they had to be less than a week old.  Followed a windy road over a couple pass’s and ran into a rancher on his four wheeler checking out his herd.   A mile later, I came to a solar water tank for the herd and saw a dead carcass a couple hundred feet away.  It was hard to get around the smell without vomiting.  Saw more cows acting like goats.  They were on the sides of the steap mountainsides.  Couple miles later, I ran into Apple.  He was doing trail magic before the first town even.  It was amazing, he had pop, beer, gatorade, water, chips, and of course APPLE PIES!!!  We chatted for a bit and find out he’s from Ohio.  The crazy thing is he was at hiker Thanksgiving last year when I was there.  It’s crazy how small this world is.  After grabbing a coke for the road and thanking him, Twigg and I were onwards to town.  Made it into town at a perfect time.  It wasn’t the hottest part of the day yet and we check into a Econolodge.  Cleaned up and washed clothes(in the sink).  Waited for them to dry outside, before heading into grab groceries and make a post office run.  Grabbed some pizza relaxed and had some beverages the rest of the day.  Watched a couple movies and packed the bags before passing out.

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