Donahue Pass May 11, 2015

Woke up to the sun peeking over the mountains.  Slept in till Malkolm caught up.  Near the same time I fully packed up, Malkolm showed up.  Hit the slippery trail towards Donahue Pass.  The trail was as good as it could get for this type of year.  Still snowy, but the streams and lakes were crystal clear.  Came to a meadow that had endless amounts of lakes.  It was so beautiful, the lakes were partially open and the trees were fluffed up with snow.  Getting to the top of Donahue Pass felt like it took forever.  It was a really gradual climb for a couple hours.  After running into a couple sobo JMT’ers, we were able to follow the trail and tracks.  They couldn’t believe we didn’t have any high legged snow gaiters.  It is just one of those things you get us too, hiking in wet shoes all day.  Your feet just get use to it.  You just have to throw your previous day socks on your pack.  The sun and wind drys and cleans socks quite well.  Eventually, we made it down the meadow which lead to Tuolumne Meadows.  Made it to the campground, where it wasn’t even opened up yet to the public.  This would be the night to be worried about bears out of all the nights so far.  Supposedly, they were really bad around the area.  With snow on the ground, I don’t think black bears would be hanging out at the elevation we were hiking.  However, I did wake up in the middle of the night to Malkolm and Baldor screaming.  Turned out a curious george coyote was sniffing their bear canisters.  Later on, the coyote snagged Baldors toilet paper bag.  Luckily, we were able to recover it in the morning.


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