Double Magic May 24, 2016

Bright and early start.  Carried enough water to make it 21 miles to Ghost Ranch.  Started off going straight up and back down the other side.  The trail dropped into an amazing canyon.  No one could oh drew it up any better.  After an early lunch break at ten, I made it to the Rio Chama.  The current was dangerous fast, thankfully there was a bridge to get across.  Followed the road just north of the river to Ghost Ranch.  Cashed all in on the dinner buffet, which included pork chops, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and carrot cake.  Are so much I could barely move.  Thirty hikers were there at one time and ate pounds and pounds of food.  After dinner they weren’t too happy with us.  It’s probably their biggest group of hikes ever and it overwhelmed them.  You should know better when hikers burn 5000-6000 calories each day.  Bought an ice axe and a water filter for the San Juan’s.  I need to make sure my gear will not be the problem when I go thru.  Hung out on the porch as Double Magic showed up.  It was crazy to see him again after eleven months.  I met him at 1410 on the Pct.  Chatted briefly but kept in touch ever since.  He also talked to me about continuing 700 miles into Canada.  That one is called the Great Divide Trail.  I am planning on it, but it’s all going to come down to the snow in the San Juan’s.  We didn’t want to pay $25 to camp, so I grabbed four liters of water and left after 8pm.  Headed a couple miles out to get off their property.  It was a blast catching up with Double Magic.  With going the same direction on both of the trails last year(Pct &AT), we meet quite a few of the same people.  Found a decent flat section and posted up for the night.

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