Dragon Tooth November 11, 2015

Early morning at the hostel as the Roosters crowed.  It was great to see the little six acre farm he had set up.  Got my bag ready and cooked some pancakes for breakfast.  Eddy came in and we chatted quite a while before heading out.  He was the one that picked me up last night.  I figured out how he knew Joe.  Eddy was a previous hiker 3 years ago.  Now he is the right hand man for the hostel.  Eddy kept wanting to chat, but I had to hit the trail.  Nothing but uphill to Dragons Tooth.  These giant rocks shot straight up in the air.  Climbing to the top of Dragons Tooth was really scary.  With nothing but death defying drops on both sides, this was no place to mess around.  After hopping on the rocks for a while it was time to get serious.  Made some decent miles thought the rest of the day.  Had three solid climbs today, the rest of nothing but a cake walk.  Made it on top of Sinking Creek Mountain and caught the bloody orange sunset, before setting up my tent on top.  First night back in my tent since I got off trail in Pennsylvania.  Oh, how comforting that little tent is.

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