Eagle Rock       (March 31, 2015)
Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock (March 31, 2015)

Met quite a few cool thru hikers by this time.  This guy was Big Mile(Oscar) from Mexico City and O.J. from San Diego.  Was a chill day, hiked in a group to Eagle Rock and Warner Springs.  O.J. had never ending interesting story’s, helped with ignoring the pain.  Walked 1.2 miles to the post office to get our food drop box.  Was relented to get my food, but it sure did weigh me down. Hand washed my clothes and let them dry at the community center.  The community center was more of a hiker building, set up to help out hikers as well as make a decent profit.  Hung out for an hour or two and headed out to put more miles in.  Was fun bouncing ideas off each other on hiking tips, gear, and the whole nine yards.  O.J. was just section hiking and trying out some new gear, so I got to see some new things.  Big Mile is thru hiking.  It was crazy how small and light weight his pack is.  I believe it is around 18 lbs.  Got back on the trail and hit up a couple more miles before calling it a night.


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