Fly back East     October 20, 2015

Fly back East October 20, 2015

Not much sleep the night before.  With playing pinochle, watching Seinfeld, and packing my food, I stayed up way toooo late.  Woke up at 4 am to some egg sandwiches.  My sister is the best, I had food for the plane ride.  Headed to the airport later than expected, but I thought I still had plenty of time.  I got pulled off to the side while checking my luggage.  I guess I looked pretty suspicious with Zubaz.  It felt like forever, but I threw on my pack and headed to my gate.  Halfway there, I heard over the intercom they announced,”Last call for gate C5.”  I took off running thru the airport.  Thankfully I made it and there was tons of seats open, I never experienced that in my life.  Didn’t take long to get to Chicago, then to Washington D.C.  Eventually, I ended up in Harrisburg. From D.C. to Harrisburg was another new experience.  They plane was super small. It was so small that I had to walk outside to get on the plane.  Landed in Harrisburg and ten minutes later Mr. Nate Harris picked me up.  Went over to his worksite and hung out the rest of the day till he was done working.  Helped out a little bit with puddying up screw holes.  Headed back to his house to relax for the rest of the day.

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