Food Drop points February 14, 2016

Received my Yogi’s Guidebook for the CDT after waiting for them to print out the fresh new copies.  Read the whole book in less than 24 hours, that doesn’t happen “EVER” for this guy.  The book gave me good advice.  I was hoping for more information on trail angels, and it didn’t have many.  Just to glance over the book was nice, buying it was unnecessary.  The PCT handbook was more useful, cause it had mile markers between towns, so it was easier to plan for how much food I would need.  Yes its a little trickier with all the different routes on the CDT, but mile markers would of been nice.  After figuring out all my resupply towns, I am now able to go thru my dehydrated food.  I had extra from last year, so I’m measuring up how much I will need to get thru this year.  Adding sticky notes to the drop boxes will help me keep everything organized.  It will help my parents to remember to put the perishable items in and certain crucial gear.  I made an online account for USPS mail, so my parents can print off the shipping labels.  It will save me $2-3 every package.  I just have to put in my credit card and type in the address’s, I’m sending it to.  My parents log into my account and make about 3 clicks and the label prints out. It’s really handy and I feel like the best way to do things. I had a really bad experience last year on the PCT.  I shipped only one package thru UPS, and my package arrived two weeks after it was suppose to.  I waited for two days for my resupply, because it was 50 miles to the next food place and I had gear in it.  After two days my legs were a 100%, I grabbed some multiple year old oatmeal packs and headed out for the 50 miles.  The oatmeal was so bad, I could only eat half of it.  With that being a horrible experience, because UPS SUCKS ! ! !    I will only send my packages USPS.

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