Friendliest Town on trail November 18, 2015

Gusty rainy morning from the tops, didn’t help me get motivated to start her up again.  With only 28 miles to Damascus, I was quite excited.  Made it off Mt. Rodgers and headed toward the second highest mountain in Virginia.  Surprisingly, White Mountain was much scarier than Mt. Rodgers.  The top was bald, having the wind blow me around like a ragdoll.  Constantly leaning into the wind, it still pushed me up to 2 feet off the trail.  Yes, I was quite stressed.  At the worst part, my hat started falling off.  Luckily, I had was waterlogged so it didn’t blow miles away.  I was able to dive for my hat with my pack still on my back.  Using all my might to get back on my feet, I was ready to drop elevation fast to get off the mountain.  Stuffed my hat in my pack and tried to run down the trail.  About 5 minutes later, I was below the tree line and it wasn’t even close as bad.  I kept a close eye on the crown of the trees.  How they were swinging back and forth made me cautious.  Made it down to town and scurried over to the post office to get my food drop.  Good timing, got there 10 minutes before closing time.  Went to the outfitter to buy fuel and a new spoon.  Turns out, I lost my spoon when I dove for my hat.  Hung outside the outfitter to figure out what my plan was for the rest of the day.  Either keep moving on trail, stay at a hostel, or stealth camp in town.  A guy pulled up in his car and said I could crash at his place if I wanted.  Thought for a moment and started walking over to his house.  He even had an extra bed that he put on the floor for me and we hung out the rest of the night.  He lived in SoCal for a while so we watched a sick ass Surfing movie and Into the Wild.  He broke out his guitar later and drums, it was tons of fun, such a great experience.

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