Ghost Ranch May 23, 2016

Slept in super late.  Woke up to the four siblings hiking past my campsite.  Didn’t get going till ten.  With loads of food I wasn’t worried about running out and getting to Ghost Ranch to early.  Walked by a beautiful stream till I reached my highest point.  The water flowed from all the peaks around making the trail feel like bogs.  Every step I sunk down, but it felt like a spring and shot me back up.  Definitely an odd feeling, sadly the pressure shooting back up didn’t keep my feet dry.  Got lost for a mile and took the wrong route.  Looked like the route, but it turned out the trail went thru the stream and up the other side.  It wasn’t a horrible detour, I ran into a beautiful elk posing next to a hundred foot pine tree.  The dry pines reminded me of the PCT.  That smell is so vivid.   Caught up with the four siblings and took a break with em.  After a solid break, I smashed out some good miles.  I hung out at a creek and filtered water for two hours…  My filter was so trash, it filtered less than a litter.  Ran into Porchlight and Colorado Feather and hung out with em for a bit.  Kept rolling till I made it to Fuertes Spring.  I also caught up to the four siblings.  Posted up for the night at the spring knowing tomorrow will be a solid day.

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