Gila Cliff Dwellings May 04, 2016

Woke up to Michael getting ready for the day.  Got everything packed up and ready to go before throwing on my cold damp shoes.  It didn’t really matter much since a river crossing was within 200 feet after getting back on trail.  Doc Campbell’s was about eight miles away, something to keep us motivated.  Homemade ice cream, pop, and what else we could come up with.  The morning went quite fast.  The water was so chilly, I had to keep a solid pace to keep up my body temp.  Although I had to stop and grab a picture at the giant cottonwoods or sycamore tree.  Kept her rolling to make it to Doc Campbell’s when it opened.  Showed up at the front door one minute to ten.  The timing couldn’t of been any better.  An older guy opened the store and knew Micheal wasnt from around here.  The old guy asked where Micheal was from.  He said, “Australia.”  The owner said he’s originally from Germany.  I tossed off my soggy socks and shoes.  Headed inside to grab my food drop.   Situated my food bag and organized my pack.  Wrote a couple post cards, while waiting for my socks and shoes to dry.  Grabbed some homemade ice cream and caught up with my internet duties. Two hours later Rip It and her husband showed up, followed by Afloat and Halfmile.  Chatted for about a half an hour.  Captured a picture with everyone before heading to the Cliff Dwellings.  Made it to Lower Scorpion Campground and set up my tent.  Booked it a half mile to check out the Cliff Dwellings.  It was cool you could still walk right thru their houses.  Made it back to the campground and are as much as possible.  A couple hours later Twigg showed up and we hung out the rest the night.

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