Goat Rocks            June 1
Coming into Stehekin.

Goat Rocks June 1

Woke up at 11pm.  on the 7th to start the night hike.  The trail was closed due to a fire a day before we got there.  Packed everything up and hit the trail.  Couple miles up I could smell the remainder of the fire smoldering.  I could tell I was walking by beautiful mountainside, but unfortunately that is what I had to do.  Came to a huge river crossing as it was starting to get light out. Told Boa to wake his bitchass up and Baldor and I kept hiking.  The water was coming from the top of Mt. Adams.  My feet froze within ten seconds of being in the water.  I made it across and threw my shoes on.  Hobbled back to the trail, trying to get feeling back in my feet.  The first thing that stuck out was all the different wildflowers.  The vast variety of rich colors were incredibly amazing.  Kept hiking till we couldn’t keep our eyes open.  Made it to a second stream and slept for a solid two hours.  Boa caught up and woke us up to put in another 20 miles. Went thru the best part of the trail besides the Sierras.  The spectacular vistas was like nothing I have ever seen.  We walked on the sharpest ridge ever.  Off in the distance, I heard a huge rock-slide.  Before going up the last ridge, I ran into two groups of mountain goats.  I figured there would be goats in Goat Mountain NP.  All of us were brutally exhausted.  Made it off the ridge to a nice campsite.  I just sat down to gain back some strength before setting up camp.  Got enough energy to go down to the stream and get water for dinner.  All said and done, I accomplished 52 miles.


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