Good Pacing April 26, 2016

Day 5.    It was a miserable first night on trail.  Windy windy and dust blowing all night.  I kept waking up on the middle of the night, cause I thought my socks and headlamp were going to blow away in the wind.  It was also hard to sleep cause last night a showed a picture of a spider to Twigg.  He said, “Whoa that’s a tarantula!”  So I thought tarantulas were in my dreads all night.  Got back out to the road and saw J&J.  Headed on up the road to find Hippy and took a break with her till Twigg caught up.  Kept rocking the miles up to the second water cache.  I wanted to keep a slow steady pace.  I took a quick break.  Went over a couple washes and saw a six inch rattler.  Later on, we scoped out “Old Hachita,” it used to be where all the mines were.  Not long after I ran into a much needed water tank.  Filled up water and took a late lunch break.  On the down time, I climbed up an old rickety windmill.  The ladder was beaten down and half attached, but it seemed like a great challenge to get to the top.  Made it five feet from the top and a huge crow flew out of its nest.  Kept an eye on the mama crow just in case she was going to attack me.  Saw six dark green eggs laying perfectly in the nest.  I had a couple more miles to go, so I made it to the top and came back down.  Kept a solid pace going to make it to the next water cache where we called it a night.  Set up my tent to keep the fine sand off my gear.

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