Gorham     August 25, 2015

Gorham August 25, 2015

I was the first one out of Moose Lean-to.  Took ten minutes to break camp.  I was anxious to get to Gorham before 6, so I could stay at the Yellow Deli in Lancaster.  The morning had perfect temps, but eventually led into a rainy afternoon.  It came down so hard, you had to keep hiking to keep your body temp up.  The green tunnel definitely helped deflecting the rain.  Later on, I came across a huge lake.  I took a moment to scope out the landscape and glanced at this huge boulder in the lake.  I took a second look and it moved.  A moose and her baby were feeding in the lake.  It felt like watching it on t.v., except with the rain falling on me.  I wanted to see what the moose would do if I howled.  So I took a huge breathe and cupped my hands to magnify the sound.  It turned out to be a lot louder than I anticipated.  Hiking sure gives you some good lung capacity.  After bellowing out the howl, I heard in the brush…..”Shhhh, be quiet.”  Found out a couple was trying to observe the moose while having lunch.  They weren’t quitepleased after the moose left.  I was hoping it would swim across the lake, but it just walked up into the woods.  The couple wasn’t very pleased.  It was really hard to hold back from laughing hysterically.  I’m sure they’re going to remember this punk kid ruining there whole day.  Not long after, it started pouring again.  I did feel a little bad, but I didn’t see them.  After hitting the border of NH and ME.  I knew Gorham was at my fingertips.  Not far out, I met a guy Timothy from Chicago.  Boy oh boy, he was quite the motivational speaker.  Super super positive, that kept me motivated all the way to Gorham.  Hitched to Wally and stocked up on food.  Was able to catch a ride to Yellow Deli.  On the way to Lancaster we stopped by to pick up a pair of girls wanting to get out of the rain.  The shower was killer, I slept like a rock.

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