Greasy Creek Friendly November 22, 2015

Cold freezing morning.  Breaking camp took some time cause my clips were frozen on my rainfly.  My rainfly had ice sheets all over it, doubling the space and weight.  Hit the trail by 8 with a steady slippery frosted rock climb to the top of the big bad Roan Mtn.  On the way up it started snowing and frosted up my facial hair and dreads.  A day hiker photographer stopped and chatted for a moment.  She asked if she could take a picture of me and upload it on fb.  I said, “Of Course.”  We chatted briefly, but had to keep going, because I was getting cold.  After crossing Carvers Gap, the trees started to fill in and block the wind.  Not much for views on a snowy day, but gave it a nice different dynamic.  Made it to Hugh Gap and had to make a plan where to end the day.  Called up Greasy Creek Gap Friendly to make sure people were home.  It was nice to have a plan to post up and dry my tent off.  Came across Natches the shelter 2 miles before the hostel.  He pulled a zero day, because it was too cold.  He had a blazing fire and more wood to keep it stoked.  Swung in there and chatted for a bit.  He mentioned there was a 55-inch TV at the hostel and that’s when I said my farewell.  Made it to the Gap and followed the scurvy directions down to the hostel.  Made it inside and just sat down to relax and warm up.  Crazy Connie was the great host, she made some milky salmon soup.  Got everything ready for the next day, so I could lay low and watch movies and football the rest of the night.  Best $25 I’ve spent in my life.

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