Guadalupe Mountains     (March 22nd, 2015)
Never enough Cliff Bars

Guadalupe Mountains (March 22nd, 2015)

Finally, off to the Guadelupe Mnts for a couple days getting in shape before I start the trail. Had a nice time getting accustomed to the RAINY southern Texas lifestyle. Got to check out the flee market and thrift stores as well. Found quite a few interesting things. Also went to Mexico to get my teeth cleaned and checked to hopefully not have any problems on the PCT. Quite impressed, planning on doing that again in the future. Drove 11+ hours to the Guadeloupe Mountains. Arrived at 10 pm, in the pouring rain. Danette and Mike and I passed out in the mini van. Woke up in the rain and hit up the info center to find a good trail. Rained on us all day to the Pratt Cabin and to the Grotto. A solid 7 mile hike for the first day. Alot of the clothes were soaked, so we hung out in the van drying everything, while comparing the ingredients between Oreos and Sardines. Got back and found a nice campsite. Made some delicious grub with some Extremely potent ginger drink that Danette brought, and passed out.
Had a wonderful morning waking up to my brand new $140 sleeping pad that somehow sprang a leak. Nothing like sleeping on the cold unforgiving ground. But, we got going at a decent time to summit the highest peak in Texas. Even though the climb was a solid climb, we all enjoyed the scenery that went on for miles and miles. Brought lunch to the top with us. One of the toughest lunches to beat, tortilla shell with tons and tons of Nutella in the middle. The hike down was a little more rough on all of us but we made it. We had plenty of time to relax and devour our super. I am surprised with how many people are constantly here at the Guadeloupe Mountains. Met people all over the U.S. and a couple from Germany. Hiking a short trail tomorrow morning, and then Heading to Tuscon for a day before I start the Never ending Pacific Crest Trail.


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