Happy Thanksgiving November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving ! ! !  Bright and early morning getting everything cooking.  Started smelling better every minute.  More and more people kept showing up from every direction.  We had to split the table and double the chairs, there were so many people.  Quite the day to remember. Some kids grabbed the food dishes out of Ms. Janets van.  Endless amounts of help with everyone doing something small for the big picture was amazing.  Ms. Janet, Baltimore Jack, So Way, E-Brake, Morning Wood, Finn, Macklemore, Handsome Mouth, Hemp, Optimistic Dreamer, Apple, Green  Giant were a few that I can list off that made it.  The weather couldn’t have been any better, mostly hanging outside, being it was in the 60’s.  Climbed “THE” rock overlooking the rafting company and the whole town.  Hung out and went to the bar the rest of the night and watched the Packers/Bears game with retiring of Brett Favre’s and Bart Star’s number.  Def the day to never forget.

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